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Milah and Khadija Linton are the creators of Artistic Glow.  Artistic Glow is not only about beauty, but it’s also about an inner glow and confidence they want all women to exude. Their strong passion for makeup artistry started while they were in high school.  Milah and Deja’s love for makeup began at around the age of fifteen when they started working on set as actresses in Commercials, TV, Films, and Music Videos.  They were fascinated at how many different unique looks that makeup artist created on them.   After college they decided that they not only wanted to continue to be actors, but that they also wanted to be professional makeup artists who owned their own makeup business and Brand.

The ladies trained under a renowned makeup artist, and then they went on to work for various cosmetic lines.  They had the opportunity to work for Christian Dior, Benefit, and Bobbi Brown.  While they worked at these various makeup lines they also traveled for their special makeup events and runway shows.  After the ladies worked for these various companies for a few years then they decided to start their own makeup business Artistic Glow.

Their makeup business caters to Photo Shoots, Commercials, TV, Music Videos, Red Carpet Events, Weddings, Proms, etc.  They keep up with current trends and new techniques.  They specialize in doing makeup from high fashion to natural glamour, and even makeup for the everyday woman.  Along with their makeup business they also worked with Carol’s Daughter creatively. Jada Pinkett Smith and Mary J Blige have represented the line.  Now Milah and Deja are the face of a Hot, new make-up line, Image Cosmetics. In addition to representing Image Cosmetics the ladies now have a creative partnership with Manly Handz. Manly Handz are the Kings of massages! Together Artistic Glow and Manly Handz will be a Powerful creative force merging the epitiome of the spa experience under one umbrella. We will offer the Glow make-up experience, massages, manicures and pedicures at special events, celebrity events, birthday parties, and even more.  Also, our services include the luxury of house calls.  Providing excellent service,  and “Giving you the Respect you deserve” is key and the Manly Handz motto.

Makeup has been one of  their artistic expressions, and their love for this industry shows in their creative talent.  The Linton Twins will continue to flourish in TV, Film, and Make-up Artistry, leading to their Brand Artistic Glow.  Lip Gloss is the first line they envision as the launching pad of their Brand.

Artistic Glow

Show Your Inner Glow…